We are proud to be an innovative company. We are always seeking new systems, tools, and solutions to bring into our business that help you buy or sell your cabin, lake home, or house with greater confidence and ease. Our Seriously Local expertise is ultimately much more than selling a property. It's building a community!

Experience & Local Knowledge

Oak Realty has over 40 years of transaction history in the Heart of the Lakes and surrounding areas. With a staff comprised solely of individuals who have spent either the majority of their lives or their entire life here, you can be sure you're working with a "local expert."

Multiple Listing Service (MLS)

We are active members of the Minneapolis Area Association of REALTORS® (MAAR). The MAAR is the "leading regional advocate and provider of information services, research and education on the real estate industry for brokers, real estate professionals and the public." The MAAR serves the Twin Cities 13-county metro area and Wisconsin. As a tool, the MLS is the heart of our business. If you aren't sure how it works, ask! How your property is listed in this database in incredibly important.

Marketing Expertise

Every property we market deserves a well-prepared plan. Beginning with a comprehensive property analysis, researched and compiled by your agent, our marketing staff then helps navigate the hundreds of print and online publications, as well as other advertising solutions, suitable for your property. We provide superior photography (including aerial and virtual tours), coordinated open house tours that generate high traffic, and an emphasis on quality at the very basic level of real estate like a properly completed MLS listing.


Years ago, buyers would come into our office looking for a map of the area, then drive around looking for homes for sale. Nearly all of today's buyers begin their search online. Buyers in the Heart of the Lakes who begin at this site can search for active properties using a virtual map of the lakes area, find important information on area open houses, and use the only local daily hot list where the latest changes in the market are available. Our web site is a comprehensive, easy to use resource, available to buyers, sellers and visitors 24 hours a day.


A large portion of our business relys on technology, and embracing the digital era we live in has allowed us to better serve you. We research online real estate search sites, list on high traffic subscription-based sites, and post to free classified sites as well. We are always implementing new and useful technologies into our business. There are endless new innovations in our industry that can help sell your home, and as a client of ours we are dedicated to making sure great opportunities are not overlooked.

Photo Pros! Sky Camera and Virtual Tours

Our clients expect superior images of their property and our staff delivers. Our sky camera extends to a towering 60' and allows us to capture stunning images of lakeshore properties, residential homes and especially lots and land. High resolution digital photographs document the exterior and interior of your property. We began shooting our own virtual tours so we could achieve the quality we expected and have the flexibility to update those tours as the seasons, and the look of our property, change.

Open House Experts

It's no secret when we're running our open house tours. On any given weekend you'll see the lakes area flooded with our arrow signs and red balloons! Our open house program is a favorite of our clients. We coordinate tours with other like-properties to bring more traffic through. It's fun, effective, and pleases buyers and sellers alike!

New Construction

We have several builders that we work with on a day to day basis. This can be helpful in selling, as well as buying a home. Perhaps you find a home that is just what you're looking for, but you have always dreamed of a screened porch. We can get a bid from one of our builders and you can see if the home is then still in the budget.

Auction Services

With a third location in Howard Lake and expertise of Curt Weiers and Carrie Wherland at Right-Way Auction Service, our clients can now benefit from a real estate auction. Auction sales of homes, land, and various properties have long been used as an alternative to traditional buying and selling. 

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