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About Annandale

Because 26 lakes can be found within a ten-mile radius of downtown Annandale, this area of Minnesota has been given the nickname “Heart of the Lakes.” Located just one hour west of the Minneapolis metro area and a half hour south of St. Cloud, Annandale boasts a small town simplicity that values community and the outdoors. Many people love Annandale because it provides access to the city's amenities without the chaos of the city's pace. 

Whether you’re looking for a seasonal cabin or a place to call home. Whether you’re looking to live by the lake or in the woods. Wherever you are in life, Annandale is a place you should look. The Heart of the Lakes has opportunities, small-town charm, and picturesque surroundings for people in any place in life. 

Fishing, Recreation, and Life in Annandale

26 scenic lakes lie within a 10-mile radius of town, giving Annandale the nickname, “The Heart of the Lakes.” People who own cabins enjoy on weekends and in the summertime what our year-round residents enjoy on a daily basis – the peace of quiet country mornings, a slower, more relaxed pace of life and beautiful natural surroundings.

From enjoying the lakes with a fishing pole or boat to enjoying the areas’ many outdoor and year round activities, recreational opportunities are endless. The fishing in the Annandale area is as good in the winter as in the summer. The area is also home to some of Minnesota’s best golf courses. 

But it’s not just a place to vacation. Annandale also has one of the strongest schools systems in Minnesota and has a thriving local economy with good, growing companies

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